STARTECHNOS LIGHT Cost reduction by energy efficient method with LED illumination and the total support of air conditioning and its maintenance. StarTechnos Co.,Ltd.



Rationalization of the energy cost is achieved.

LED(Light Emitting Diode)

LED Lighting

Of course an indoor fluorescent lamp and down light,I make every illumination a mercury lamp,the drawing card illumination, floodlight LED.

The LED having a long life has a long operation time for illumination, and, in the place where the exchange work at the high place occurs, there is a merit except the electric bill reduction a lot.

Power Producer & Supplier

Power inverter

The energy saving system which changes number of revolutions with the inverter, and reduces useless power

It is large scale commerce to unfold in Japan.
We can anticipate the reduction of the large electricity rate by variableness automatically pointing at frequency, and controlling the pumps such as an air conditioner or the fun.
Mainly on a part as for the illumination for common use a down light, a fluorescent lamp LED.
Inverter of the air conditioning was congenial to becoming it, and there was a

GroundWater Usage

GroundWater Plant

We dig a well in the site of the customer and realize the reduction of water supply charges by a film processing it.

It is the general medical facility where old man welfare institutions were provided along with a hospital. We introduced a film processing plant using groundwater into the reduction of waterworks and secured the preparation as the water source for the disaster with a cost cut.
Furthermore, we make pumps such as the air conditioning inverter and make the illumination of the other common space LED and perform an energy cost cut with 40 million yen a year in conjunction with the reduction of waterworks generally.


LEDlights Cost reduction by energy efficient method


LED(Light Emitting Diode)

LED Lights

Power Producer & Supplier

Power Inverter

GroundWater Usage

GroundWater Plant


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