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LED(Light Emitting Diode) Business

About LED(Light Emitting Diode) Business

LED means Light, Emitting, Diode. It is abbreviated three initials each, and is kind of the semiconductor which emits light when we wash down electricity. It is called the light emitting diode and have a few superior good point in the sources of light such as the conventional fluorescent lamp or incandescence ball.
Because we will not be able to produce the conventional illumination using mercury from reduction of the environmental load, a shift to LED advances.

We handle various kinds of maker and perform section of apparatus which is most suitable for the facilities, use a applications introduction purse. Of course suggestion and setting construction are possible.

LED Lineup

Base Light LED

Straight tube LED…We realize superior energy saving by the substitution from a fluorescent lamp.
It becomes the base of various facilities including the office and can anticipate a big effect because the lighting time is long.

Down Light・SpotLight LED

Dichroic halogen bulb・・・life is short, and is expensive can anticipate early investment collection by switching toLED.
For example, I can reduce power consumption approximately 71% as follows in comparison with conventional halogen 12V50W, and there is life more than 10 times.
※It varies according to a product.

Facilities・Exterior illumination

Energy saving of the high celling illumination…the high celling illumination contributes become it.
We cope with substitution with the existing illumination by lightweight.
It is recommended for the installation to the high celling such as a factory, a warehouse, commercial facilities.
We reduce the exchange expense of high place and the difficult place that are apt to become expensive by longer life as well as power consumption.
※It varies according to a product.

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LED(Light Emitting Diode)

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